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On Sunday May 27, 2012 at 8:33 a.m., Matt "Mammo" Mammosser lost his courageous battle with  primary nervous system metastatic melanoma.  Words cannot begin to express the inspiration that Mammo has left within us.  Many of us feel that Matt accomplished so much with his inner strength, his deep commitment, his approachable soul, and the way he loved and lived his life  more than some  people do in a lifetime.  We are a people of faith, although we can't understand the wisdom why you had to leave us now, we  know will be together again. Until then, Matt watch over us.

Please find a portion of Mammo's eulogy read at his funeral on June 1, 2012 by Fr. Chris Groh at the Cathedral of St. Raymond Nonnatus, Joliet.

Mathew has left us a gift, a torch if you will, that burns brighter than even the victory light.  It burns brighter, stronger and hotter within us because it is the light of Christ.  

          One questions remains, will you take the torch and stand with it; not allowing anyone else to see itís beauty, warmth or light? Or will you take the torch and run as fast and hard as you can, lighting the way as an example of what true love, friendship and the light of Christ is, forsaking petty judgment. 

            Will you catch yourself when you feel yourself falling and pull yourself up? Will you honor your parents as they truly do know the way. If  you feel something is wrong, will you stop the wrong doing? The easy path is taken by many, the hard road is the only way that you can achieve your goals and always dare to dream. When in doubt you are and always will be Mammo Strong.

Today, in this church, Mammo passes the torch to you.  What will you do with it?



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